We are passionate about serving our community. Every two months, Kingsgate partners with different organizations and charities to bring Jesus's love to those around us. We believe that as we serve the needs in Bury St. Edmunds and beyond, God will change it. Please take the time to pray and get to know these charities by going onto their website.

September - October

Children's Charities

Through the months of September and October we will be bringing awareness and supporting the work of two local charities that have a focus on children.

November - December

People In Need

Through the months of November and December we will be bringing awareness and supporting the work of two local charities that focus on people in need.

Past Spotlights

July - August

Women's Aid

Through the months of July and August we will be bringing awareness and supporting the work of three local charities that focus on women's aid.

Bury St. Edmunds Women's Aid Centre have kindly given us some specific ways we can support them during these months.

July - To support families on days out and help to treat them with small things like buying an ice cream, we can give finiacially.

You can do this in different ways. Each Sunday in July there will be a collection in Church. You can also give via bank transfer - contact us for our details. Or you can click here to put your card details in or pay via PayPal. (Any online giving please put 'Spotlight' as a reference).

August - To support families with children going back to school, we will be collect school equipment and clothing. More details on specific equipment coming soon.

We will have a collection box every Sunday in August. If you can't make it but would like to give, please contact us and we will help to collect it from you.

Passionate about a charity?

Do you have a passion for a specific charity or organisation you would love us to spotlight? We are looking for local and national charities to spotlight in the coming months. We would love to hear from YOU!
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September - October

Childrens Charities

Your older children will experience a time of worship and a message designed specifically for their age group. They will be in a fun environment designed to teach through songs, stories and crafts.

November - December

The Vulnerable

We are committed to creating a place where young people can belong, grow, and encounter God. Every two weeks in church youth will have a time of bible study and fun games, as well as seeking and encouraging spiritual gifts.

We also have a youth event every 2nd and 4th Thursday on the Moreton Hall Estate where they have a chance to connect, have fun together and go deeper in the word.

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